Experience Ethnography

Ethnographic approaches for experience analysis

The lesson of ethnography is that particularity matters. Context matters. Personal experience matters. The moment matters.
— Catherine Prendergast

Integrative Ethnography

Central to ethnographic work is the ability to see the details that make everyday life possible. We provide training to create a sense of "Everyday Ethnography", or the ability to carry this 'seeing' into all settings. We also help you leverage this approach into facets of experience design, understanding that experience fundamentally happens as we interact with the world around us. Finally, we can show how to use this approach to better integrate how work gets done into your process stream, as well as understand how to be integrate technology into your workflow.

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Ethnography is more than a method; it is an approach to investigate the world around us. We provide training to educate your workforce on how to use ethnographic perspectives and critical inquiry. Training programs are highly customizable to suit your needs. With over 20 years of teaching and training experience, we provide an engaging and informative experience for our participants.

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We are living in the Age of Experience. No longer is it sufficient to provide a good product or service; customers are expecting 'experiences.' People experience the world through interacting with it. Through studying that interaction, we can help you create better experiences for your customers, employees, or whomever you are targeting. 



Implementing new technology will always bring impacts that are both intended and unintended. While tremendous resources are devoted to implementing new technology and systems, few look at what happens afterward. We can conduct post-implementation analysis to gauge technological impacts, as well as fuel future design.

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