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Translating Complexity into Integrated Experience Design


Integrated Experience Design through Data Analysis and Applied Social Science

We live in an era of the "Experience Economy." Companies are seeking to achieve an advantage through the creating unique experiences. At the same time, companies are beset with experience options that run across their organizations. Customer Experience. Employee Experience. User Experience. Digital Experience. Patient Experience. Brand Experience. And more. In the Age of Experience, the permutations are seemingly endless. With these permutations comes increasingly complexity, and the risk of running into experiential conflict if these channels are not working together. 

At ethno-analytics, we help create harmonized experiences. Through mixed methods approaches, integration of big data and local context, and systems perspectives, we help companies achieve integrated experiences so that your organization is aligned.  We specialize in integrating the context of qualitative data with the scale of quantitative data. We also can help you with your qualitative data collection, whether it be overall research design, or specific approaches such as interviewing, surveying, observing, or even participating. We provide services to turn your data into meaningful information for use in reports and presentations by helping the data to tell its story, and in help make better decisions.

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