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Topics to help achieve integration in your organization

[Gary] David is very skilled in facilitating discussions
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With over 20 years of training, teaching, and public speaking experience, Gary David brings a range of topics to help guide you on achieving integration and alignment within your organization and all points of contact. Regarded as entertaining, educational, and engaging, Gary's style is fun and informative, drawing on the ability to translate social science concepts into everyday language to help guide their application. Workshops and training programs can be tailored to your individual needs.

Building on Commonality, Not Difference

Most cultural training programs focus on differences between workers, often based on national origin. While appreciation of difference can be important, tolerance of difference does not equal acceptance of others. By moving from identifying difference and toward finding commonality, we can create a better foundation for mutual understanding, acceptance, and collaborative work. We can teach workers how to find commonality in their everyday workplace encounters. We create help workers create rapport, whether they are working in the same location or separated by thousands of miles.  Ultimately, we help to move workers from conflict to collaboration for a better overall employee experience.

(Virtual) Workplace Community Development

Provided news ways of looking at the world. Very insightful.

Communities are more than people existing in the same location; communities are built when people come together with a shared identity, collective purpose, reciprocal ties, and the desire to work together. Through using strategies found in social movements and community organizing, we can help to create a context of collaboration and a workplace community. 

Trainings to Enhance Your Workplace Experiences

We can work with you to create a customized training program to suit your organizational and industry needs. This approach can help improve customer experience, employee experience, and any other type of engagement. We can give seminars to your workforce to raise awareness of these features of our relationship development, and design and implement a strategy to create the foundation for successful group work and engagement. 

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