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Crafting Your Sociological Brand

One of the things that you are not taught in sociology school is how to sell yourself outside of academia. This is at best an unintentional oversight by those who do not know any better. At worst, it is willful malpractice to not provide students with a range of options for employment and impact.

To help address the lack of professional development, career paths, and personal branding skills, I have worked with others at the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology to launch a new program called “Applied U.” Part of this will be a range of webinar topics highlighting the applied and clinical sociology work being done, as well as the skills one can use to strike one’s own path.

The following webinar was the first installment in this effort. Crafting Your Sociology Brand came out of discussions with graduate students and under-employed academics who are trying to figure out how to sell themselves and their skills. Share your own experiences in the comments section!