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The HR Roots of Customer Experience

Where does customer experience live? For those who are CX professionals, they would like it to live in the hearts and minds of all workers in an organization. But, where in an organization does it live? And why does that matter? More specifically, what role does human resources play in customer experience? This was the topic of conversation at our most recent CX Frontiers.

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The Customer is Always Right (Except for All Those Other Times)

The customer is always right, right? Or perhaps it is not that easy. We collected some industry expert as in our first CX Frontiers event to explore this axiom of service and sales, finding the boundaries of where it applies and where it fails. Read the key take-away points that the experts settled on from their own experience in working with customers, clients, and crafting experiences.

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Re-Boarding Your Employees after "The Thrill is Gone"

Companies might think of their own version of renewing their vows with employees. The on-boarding process exposes a new hire to the company culture, the business objectives, building relationships with co-workers and managers, and overall identifying as part of the team. Re-Boarding, then, can refer to the process of reaffirming what drew them together in the first place.

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